Stratospheric Ballooning

Continuum Aerospace, in partnership with custom balloon builder Global-Western and with atmospheric researchers at York University, is currently planning a series of stratospheric balloon missions. We have conducted a number of engineering test flights and shortly will begin the operational science flights. With our program now in development, our goal is provide a turnkey stratospheric service whereby you, the customer, only have to provide the payload and specify the desired flight characteristics, while Continuum manages all flight logistics – launch and recovery, flight control, meteorology, regulatory compliance, etc. We are offering both a standard mission profile – 30 km. altitude, 30 hours at float, 40 kg. payload – or we can design a custom flight for you if these parameters are not ideal.

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Pictured at right – Earth from 100 000 ft (top) taken from balloon platform. High altitude balloon during filling process (bottom). Both comments and pings are currently closed.

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