Embedded Systems

Do you have a problem that requires real-time control or sensing? We can offer you our broad expertise in embedded systems, particularly those that operate under demanding conditions requiring carefully engineered solutions. Standard features of our contract work include custom circuit design, sensor design and packaging, 3D CAD, machining and assembly of prototype components as well as firmware development and the integration of the embedded system with existing computing and control infrastructure.

Example application areas:

  • Real-time control for production machinery.
  • Packaging for harsh environments.
  • RF digital communications systems.
  • Portable power (battery) systems.
  • Data acquisition and laboratory automation.
  • Custom instrumentation and sensing.
Example Sectors:

  • Aerospace propulsion R&D.
  • Stratospheric payloads.
  • Automotive manufacturing.
  • Automated form processing.
  • Mine safety.
  • Natural gas industry.

A recently unpacked corner of our new instrumentation lab.

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